Mahsa SS17 Yesterday Modern and beyond.

Dedicated to the women before us who pioneered an alternate route against all odds, who defeated expectation and devoted their lives to adventure — their strength of spirit returns to ignite our own, time and time again.

Yesterday Modern 2 is a collection of light layers that celebrate the timeless Mahsa classics, refreshed in new palettes and fabrics — forever modern. Wear them as sheer armour for protection on your travels, or allow them to reveal your truest and innermost heart, loaded with desires as ripe as the season’s stone fruit.

Each piece is a textile dedication to a woman’s tenderness, grace and strength. A gift to our sisters, mothers and daughters as a reminder of what has come before and what lies just ahead.

Designed and made in New Zealand, Mahsa's collections Beautiful Imperfection and Yesterday Modern utilise raw fibres including silk, cotton and wool in tweed, houndstooth and herringbone - adding texture and charm to the collection, doused in frayed edges, sophisticated tailoring and unique detailing. Earthy tones and a modern utility make it trans-seasonal and easy to layer, mix-and-match. A blessing for those whom appreciate that time is precious.

"One’s mood is everything and I want my garments to enhance every woman's feelings about herself and the world around her. Some days call for an edited approach and others require a truly feminine expression — romanticism, I like to call it."