mahsa is dedicated to the modern woman, offering an effortless collection that is easy to wear, yet still making the wearer feel beautiful.

Designed and made in New Zealand, mahsa’s first collection — Beautiful Imperfection — celebrates the beauty that comes from a little imperfection. Her most recent — Yesterday Modern — remains strongly anchored in the essence of romanticism, with nods to nostalgia, yet this time revealing a certain mystery and elegance.

Raw fibers including silk, cotton and wool in tweed, hound’s-tooth and herringbone add texture and charm to the collection, doused in frayed edges, sophisticated tailoring and unique detailing. Earthy tones and a modern utility make it trans-seasonal and easy to layer, mix-and-match. A blessing for those of whom appreciate that time is precious.

Yesterday Modern also introduces an essentials range, which speaks to the lifestyle-needs of those who crave movement and a good stretch. Organic and monochrome fabrics are influenced by classic dance and yoga books from the 1970s.

"One’s mood is everything and I want my garments to enhance every woman's feelings about herself and the world around her. Some days call for and edited approach and others require a truly feminine expression — romanticism, I like to call it."