Summer is coming. With weekends and evenings starting to lighten and warm, we’re returning to our favourite pastime of slipping off on adventures large or small; finding new places to relax and dream. And while we love the excitement of setting foot on a plane, we find that freedom – a change from our daily reality and the refreshing perspective shift it brings – is often only a walk or drive away.

The romance of the road has always called to us. Our childhood holidays in Aotearoa inevitably involved a long dirt road or a track that disappeared into bush or wound away through sand dunes. Today we hold a deep sense of nostalgia for the mystery and excitement promised by the path yet untravelled.

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Why did you call this mood ‘New Bohemia’ and what was the feeling behind it?

Mahsa: It’s a sentiment that started building in me towards the end of lockdown life. I felt a sense of new optimism and a rising desire to find unique places to relax and adventure in – near or far. Travel and adventure and self-expression were the driving forces of the Bohemian spirit and movement, so the New Bohemia mood is about trusting ourselves implicitly and taking ourselves to new places that help us recharge and become less reactive to the fast-paced, frenetic, tech-driven world so many of us now live in.

What drew you to the location for the shoot?

Mahsa: The vista, the light, the garden, the ocean, the sound of the cicadas – it felt like a movie location or being transported back in time. On my first visit to this location – Te Henga/Bethells Beach, on Auckland’s west coast – which was around two years ago, I felt tremendously high vibes. The sun-soaked landscape and the ocean danced back at me. We are an island nation, and for me, the water is home. It is always so reassuring to see the glistening Pacific Ocean. I felt full of potential and spent a day or two just sitting in the space. It is always profound to me how resting and centring makes you feel very productive and transparent; turning off WiFi and tuning inward gives you a real sense of clarity and purpose. The sun moves across the landscape, and time slows down. This is a feeling we all know and love.

New Bohemia
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What’s your approach to dressing for these mini-adventures or staycations?

Mahsa: A relaxed fit, always, with a sprinkle of romance and layering so I can respond to temperature changes – and always paired with practical footwear for hiking and running from one surface to another.

What was the inspiration behind the colours and prints of this mood?

Mahsa: All the colours – purple, sweet pinks, sky-blue, maple and cacao – were inspired by the colours of the ’70s, as was the oversized paisley print. I felt like breaking the rules and moving away from anything that was too neutral. I wanted the mood to have a real sense of fun and celebration.

Gala Blouse
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Can you give us a recipe and a playlist to take on a mini-adventure?

Mahsa: Something I love to eat, which always makes me feel good, is a salad bowl of wild greens and herbs, with borage flowers, slices of avocado, and a sprinkle of toasted seeds. With a little vinaigrette and a side of Omgoodnessbread with some olive oil, it’s so easy and nourishing. All I need to go with it is a comfy cushion to sit on and a glass of rosé or kombucha.

New Bohemia playlist

Lula Cucchiara

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