Nature’s defining characteristic is endurance. Through change and catastrophe, it adapts and renews; patiently resilient and inventive, ever-challenged yet never-defeated. As part of nature, we too will endure and thrive even in the most extraordinary times when we pay attention to the lessons of the natural world.

From tiny wildflowers emerging from cracks in the pavement, we remember that beauty is found in the hardest places. In the dried-out moss awaiting rain to bring it back to soft green life, we see there are seasons of retreat and seasons of growth. By the bright fruit that weighs the branches of citrus trees low, we are reminded that when we tend to the natural world, it returns that love in abundance.

In our new mood, Enduring Nature, our muse contemplates nature’s lessons in the earthy warmth of her home. She dresses simply, with a nod to pieces of the past with enduring appeal – a sailor collar here; a modern take on traditional men’s suiting there; waistcoats and trenches that hark back to romantic films of her childhood.

As the wild world tumbles into frame behind her in the lush surrounds of her garden, the fabrics of her garments reflect the natural textures – soft cotton voiles and drills, silk blends, wool gabardine. An elegant green and cream striped Liberty silk-cotton is the exclusive signature print for the collection.

Each piece is made with love, integrity and patience, and sent into the world with courage in the belief that many others value the same enduring qualities that we do. We look to the future with a spirit of resilience and a commitment to evolve the way we think, the way we act. Our natures and nature depend on it.