It’s all work.


To get up in the cold of first light to stretch the body for the day is work.

To sit in stillness with a coffee and make meaning of life’s twists and turns is work.

To go into the world to earn and protest and push for change is work.

To soothe a child to sleep in the dark hours is work.

To offer a soft shoulder for a head to fall on in tears or laughter is work.

Born from a flash of desire for freedom – the sleeves of an undershirt torn away to free the arms – the Bush Singlet connotes practicality and a commitment to doing the work.


For more than a century it’s been the archetypal garment of a certain kind of traditional man: independent, no-nonsense, strong, hard-working. This season, Mahsa subverts the Bush Singlet into an archetypal garment for a certain kind of modern woman: independent, no-nonsense, strong, hard-working… but also sensual, comforting and elegant.

In featherlight breathable cashmere, the Mahsa Bush Singlet is a luxurious all-utility piece that can stand alone at morning meditation, slip under jeans for a casual outing, or layer as an undergarment on inclement days. Wear it to do the work that works for you.

Mahsa x