[Persian], meaning “like the moon”

A pale crescent in the evening sky is our monthly reminder that life is an ever-changing process of renewal, rebirth, shifts in energy and new chapters. Each new moon is a time to release the old and create fresh intentions.

Our new mood, New Moon (‘Whiro’ in the Maramataka) honours the act of paring back and beginning afresh.

We feel light, clear. We look for beautiful comfort and ease; fuss-free dressing with contrasting notes of softness and crispness. We are drawn to long, gently curved lines and shapes that are simple and honest.

The purity of Aotearoa’s east coast called to us for this mood’s campaign shoot. This landscape is full of softness, ease and a minimal palette of washed-out natural tones. We imagined a long weekend, enjoying the space, slowed-down time and simple comfort of a holiday at a friend’s seaside retreat.

As always, each piece has been designed to help women feel strong, empowered and beautiful. We hope New Moon enables great love and adventure.

Mahsa's New Moon

Mid November:
Our patch of planet
Tilts to the sun
A star homage.

A dusk sky scan
To the deep west
and yes!

In sunset colour
A rind of moon,
Perceptible edge
of renewal.

We feel clear,

— E. Willis

Rob Tennent

Chloe Hill

Omaha Beach, Aotearoa