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  • 04 Enduring Nature

    Nature’s defining characteristic is endurance. Through change and catastrophe, it adapts and renews; patiently resilient and inventive, ever-challenged yet never-defeated. As part of nature, we too will endure and thrive even in the most extraordinary times when we pay attention to the lessons of the natural world.

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  • The shape of our days

    Dear friends, our thoughts are with you, and we hope you are finding your way through these uncertain times. In these last weeks, we have often stumbled with fear, but each time we rebalance and set back on a path of hope.

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  • A Woman's Work

    It’s all work. To get up in the cold of first light to stretch the body for the day is work. To sit in stillness with a coffee and make meaning of life’s twists and turns is work. To go into the world to earn and protest and push for change is work. To soothe a child to sleep in the dark hours is work. To offer a soft shoulder for a head to fall on in tears or laughter is work.

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  • 03 A Single Woman

    The journey of being a modern woman continues with the collection A Single WomanSeeking a fine balance of strength and sensuality, cues of gentleman tailoring are re-envisioned with subtle feminine details, finessed with nonchalant ties and bows, and made in the softest cotton voile, muslin, and silk.

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  • Together these Gentle Women

    We are pleased to present our modernist blazer, created for our women who crave utility and ease in their working day...

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  • 02 Yesterday Modern

    Mahsa Label creates a visual narrative for the woman who loves what she wears to ignite her mood. Encouraging an effortless response to a complex time, utilitarian is juxtaposed with romanticism, inspiring a concise collection of garments made for living simply and beautifully.

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  • 01 Beautiful Imperfection

    Our debut collection, Beautiful Imperfection (partly inspired by the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi) features trans-seasonal, easy to layer garments in natural fabrics with unfinished edges and earthy Antipodean tones. Mahsa was influenced by the timeless architecture of her modernist home — and the collection was expertly photographed there by Derek Henderson.

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