Love can carve irreplaceable holes. Life can be messy, mucky. Questions can be left unanswered.

Doors can shut on little fingers. The daily grind is cold and noisy. 

Words can burn the entire castle down less than a second. 

Our journey can be unstable. But the lifeline that exists through it all is our band of sisterhood.

Standing there with a Panadol, a glass of wine, the babysitter’s number, and a wicked grin. It is their warmth and hope and love, without the expectation to reimburse. 

Our way of giving back to these women is to dress them. Clothe them in garments that make them feel good. It is our complete circle of honest, immeasurable love. 

We are pleased to present our modernist blazer, created for our women who crave utility and ease in their working day.  The blazer has proven to withstand trend and season — a garment of practicality and refinement. Our version aims to bridge a tactile offering between sculptural shape and masculine elegance. 

The Gentleman's Blazer encompasses your daily frills and encourages sweet intentional action.