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Love for nature

Nature is our inspiration and where we source the majority of our textiles. We choose natural fabrics first, for their breathability, warmth, softness, strength and ability to return productively to the earth at the end of life. To minimise pressure on natural resources, we choose deadstock fabrics (residual fabrics left over from orders from larger fashion houses) as well as organic cottons. We are in the process of transitioning to a greater proportion of Global Organic Textile Standard-certified cotton. Our fastenings use natural materials where possible.

We manufacture small volumes, produced in ‘moods’ which last several seasons, with a classic approach to design driven not by fashion but by longevity. We often re-cut existing designs to update them rather than creating whole new styles.
We prioritise recyclable and compostable packaging, use unbleached tissue, recyclable cardboard boxes, recycle coat hangers, and are happy for customers to use their own bag when shopping instore. We understand that the transition to true sustainability is a process for all, and see it as part of our work to gently encourage accountability in our suppliers and trading partners.


The value of balance

We know first-hand the challenges women have in finding balance in modern life, as we juggle our roles as employees, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, family members, friends, citizens, artists, activists, supporters and leaders. Through our designs and journal, we celebrate iconic women who we see as having achieved a balance of respect for themselves and for the world around them.

We offer a working environment for our all-female staff where they feel empowered, not squeezed. We support and trust them to find the balance that works best for them through flexible hours and working from home options. We also regularly support organisations that support women to re-establish healthy balance in their lives, including Women’s Refuge, Auckland City Mission, and Backbone.