Enduring Nature Part II

As our mood rises, with an increasing sense of optimism, the shapes, palette and textures of our Enduring Nature collection evolve in this new release of pieces. Imbued with greater lightness, warmth and playfulness, the new styles include a fluid take on the classic men’s shirt, and a practical-yet-romantic Picnic Skirt that ruches up above the knee. 

Icons of art and fashion inspire new fabrications – the biomorphic patterning of the Paloma silk print in Camel and Black pays tribute to the late icon of jewellery design, Elsa Peretti, while the Frida Dress, in resplendent ivory silk, scattered with subtle dots and featuring pearl buttons and a sweeping collar, brings to life the feminine exuberance of painter Frida Kahlo. 

Our new Lichen colourway for the Gentleman Waistcoat, Trouser and Blazer is a lightweight plaid wool blend in a trans-seasonal riverstone hue, while the houndstooth stretch wool in Bone adds lightness and movement to the Gentleman Trouser, Waistcoat and Picnic Skirt. A pastelised blue-and-camel stripe in textured cotton adds an androgynous touch to the Everyday and Ruffle Blouses.

Often on her own but never feeling alone, our muse has developed a deep sense of groundedness from her time spent in the living landscape. The ever-changing constancy of nature reminds her that though circumstances shift, character endures, and where goodness resides, optimism will always prevail.

Wandering through dappled light among trees surrounding the beautiful Treetops House by the architecture office of Peter Muller (1969) in Sydney, she radiates composed strength. Our photographer, Derek Henderson, captures her as she’s dressed to depart for or return from work, or when she’s pulled on simple and comfortable favourites, ready for a day spent relaxing with friends, reading a book, listening to podcasts or walking in the garden.