Sending lockdown love

In his memoir published last year, Matthew McConaughey (one of our guilty pleasures) talks about ‘red light’ times, when the expected flow of life is forced to a stop and we have no choice but to wait for the eventual green light. In these moments, we can burn in frustration or practice growing our resilience and ability to chill. In our humble experience, Matthew’s right – the most growth often comes from the experiences we want the least.

With that in mind, we’re doing our best to surrender and go with the flow during this uncertain phase. Taking walks at lunchtime, doing the meditation that falls off in busier times, appreciating the chance to connect with our kids’ learning, trying recipes that are too slow for a normal weeknight. When we’re feeling wound up, we’re finding that turning our attention outwards and checking on a friend helps.

Here are a few other things that are helping us: 

Stay safe at home this week everyone – and perhaps consider donating to Women’s Refuge because not everyone has a safe home.

xx Mahsa